Friday, October 12, 2012

Speaking of Birthdays,

mine's just around the corner :| Now you may wonder what's with the straight face. Here's why, I am not sure whether to be happy or sad. I've usually been super-pampered on my birthdays. However, this year unless there is some sort of a super surprise in store for me, it seems like it's going to be a rather bland one. So i'm going to recap my 3 favourite Birthday moments just to make sure I never forget them.

Birthday 1: Baked Alaska. And it was special only because of the baked alaska. It was my 18th Birthday and mom made this awesome cake. For those unaware of baked alaska, it is a cake, topped with ice-cream and it's coated with something and doused with Rum and set on fire when brought into the room. The entire effect  is rather stunning. Not to mention it has a little bit of all your favourite things. I remember Mom being a lil pissed at the fact that none of us would get of our asses and come to the dining table together and hence it was getting difficult to time the lighting of the cake but we got our acts together eventually and I loved every moment of that cake.

Birthday 2: Second year at IIFT Kolkata. My birthday was bang in the middle of Durga pooja, one of the biggest and craziest festivals you will ever withness in the eastern parts of India. Its a carnival if you must try and explain it in English. Everyone is on the streets going from one pandal to another( stalls where images and idols of the goddess Durga are put up and massive prayer's organised. however, most people who are tourists like us students in Kolkata for eg visit it for the ambience, food and the adrenaline rush) So on the 15th, I was taking a nice walk in the streets of Salt Lake with one of my friends from the junior batch and I get a call from the hostel. I was expecting a call saying get your ass back here, we are going crazy organising this thing, however they wanted to go pandal hoping instead. i was like sure lets give this a try to, after all I'm in all probability never going to go back to Kolkata again esp during this season. So we set off and it was crazy. It was like the whole city was awake and out. Massive queues with loads of cops keeping an eye on the proceedings. We went ahead and braved the crowds till 4 in the morning when we finally decided to call it a day and return to our hostels. and of course we cut the mandatory 12 o'clock cake at one of the Pandals. It was absolute fun. The next day I had another party on the terrace attached to my hostel room which was awesome and then I went ahead to drop my friend off at the station.

Birthday 3: My first year at HCL or as I like to call it the year I cut 4 cakes. :P First off at Route 04 in CP with Shveta, Rohatgi and Arun after which I went for a night out at Indirapuram with Smitha's place which was followed by a visit to Kingdom of dreams the next day, another cake cutting at my PG and finally one  at the office.

But more than worrying about the lack of plans for this year I think what's got me more freaked out is the fact that I find myself evaluating my life critically now and I am not sure where Im going. Anyways let's hope I figure things out soon. Till then I might as well enjoy myself starting off with my birthday :) 

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