Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Shame

She loves her country

And is proud of the strides it makes

But scratch the surface a bit

And she finds nothing but a land lying waste

“No child labour allowed “

A proud sign outside an office declares

Yet in she walks and she’s faced

With the sight of a kid happily brushing away at a ledge

She wonders for what the deception?

Why the big fa├žade?

Why bother to say something

When if that suit you best that’s what you are?

Someone who should be in school

Is so happy to just have a job

Not able to see through the exploitation

Cheerfully lives the dream he bought

And she looks on this from the outside

And realizes this is a one-off case not

And she bleeds cos she seem to have not

The courage and strength to fight this off.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Putting out a smile to all my readers just cos I felt like it. :) 


So Reality shows seem like they are here to stay. And sometimes there are some really good ones too like The Apprentice or Voice or So you think you can dance. But then most times it seems these shows are just there to entertain you by showing off absolute weirdos. Sometimes they are downright insulting to these people. And I get why they are interesting for others to watch. The schadenfruede just get such a nice outlet with these shows. But I wonder is it really fair to mock these people? They are out there doing what they think will give them a good chance at life. Who doesnt want to be rich and famous. It's just that they are looking for shortcuts and are usually woefully mistaken about the level of their talent or wrong in their beliefs. But they are trying to do what they can to get what they want within these limitations. And I don't think it's fair to mock them or feel amused at their failures. Though  some of them really are just asking for it :P There's no right or wrong black or white or anythign here. I just needed to put this down somewhere that at the end of the day it is kind of like mocking the underdog and it does'nt sit completely right with me. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013


There you are
Old wound which is now just a faint scar
So old in fact that
One struggles to remember how long back far

But you exist and I know you watch me
Suddenly out of the blue
You pop on my frequent contact list
And I wonder how, when I never ping you?

The silent opening and closing of a chat
A wish to reach out
And yet a will to not
Leaves me wondering what you would like to say and do not.

Not that it would change things
But it would be nice to speak
Maybe as nothing more than an acquaintance
At least it would end any of the “what did he want to say anyway” suspense

Friday, April 5, 2013


Recently I was telling my mom how one of my seniors went and became a director of a well estd firms and mentioned, well what a lost opportunity, I could have been married to him if I'd hit on him at the right time. To which my mom replied, why don't you just become a director at some company in some time instead. :P \

I love my mom, and actually think this is one of the reasons I have always pushed myself to do well and get the next best thing. Here it is people, proof that behind every successful person(im tweaking it a bit) is a woman :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lonely on the way up!

They did not like her growth

So they try to pull her down the steps those

Stories of her abound

Things she never said nor found!

She plods on nevertheless

Trying to focus on those who know her best

But day by day that number dwindle

As they find their mates who need them next

Jealousy was supposed to be

The past time of a wrench

Here however she finds

Jealousy is what all around her know best

She still tries to maintain her calm

And be happy with what she’s got

But she’s stunned everytime

Someone she thought knew her stings her next

For what lesson is life trying to teach her

That wicked people exist she knows

But if they want her to turn next

That’s a path she is not willing to take.


The dreadful gang rape of Dec, caught the whole world's attention. The barbarianism of that act, left everyone connected or not apalled and angry. But that is not the only legacy it leaves behind. It was a very strong reminder that the Indian society on the whole and the North Indian society has very little respect for women.

Female foeticide, trafficking, dowry deaths, it leaves me seething and wondering what does it really mean to be a woman in India. And the sad reality is that India is a whole different ball game  for women than it is for men.

Is there a solution to it? the glaring answer is no. With the way the population is exploding, there is absolutely no way the situation is going to improve. The upper middle class and rich are comparatively in a better place than the others, however they better start taking precautions too, cause its no longer the vulnerable that these desperate bastards are after anymore, your status can no longer protect you , the mere fact that you are a woman makes you vulnerable.

The impact can be felt everywhere. The fact that I now look at almost every man walking in my vicinity as a potential rapist is something I don't like but is now ingrained in my mind. No longer will you see me with my ear-plugs plugged in walking away and enjoying myself, I find myself on full alert all the time. And it must be disturbing to the guys I glare at too. I'm sure I make it very obvous what I think of them and their kind just by looking at them spitefully. And Im not alone, most women have adopted this wary approach to them. I remember one of my friends from Bangalore asking me on his visit to Delhi, why do all the women always frown here? Well I think I have just found the answer. I would much rather glare a guy away than take the chance of having my life cut short.

The world's just become a much sadder place.