Tuesday, May 7, 2013


So Reality shows seem like they are here to stay. And sometimes there are some really good ones too like The Apprentice or Voice or So you think you can dance. But then most times it seems these shows are just there to entertain you by showing off absolute weirdos. Sometimes they are downright insulting to these people. And I get why they are interesting for others to watch. The schadenfruede just get such a nice outlet with these shows. But I wonder is it really fair to mock these people? They are out there doing what they think will give them a good chance at life. Who doesnt want to be rich and famous. It's just that they are looking for shortcuts and are usually woefully mistaken about the level of their talent or wrong in their beliefs. But they are trying to do what they can to get what they want within these limitations. And I don't think it's fair to mock them or feel amused at their failures. Though  some of them really are just asking for it :P There's no right or wrong black or white or anythign here. I just needed to put this down somewhere that at the end of the day it is kind of like mocking the underdog and it does'nt sit completely right with me. 

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