Friday, September 14, 2012

How to catch a mouse in 40 minutes!

So we have a mice infestation apparently. :( Ok its not really an infestation but occasionally we do get the odd mouse and I hate them.. silly disgusting vermin! Anyways so a couple of nights ago Kiran, my roomie came running into my room at 2 saying a mouse has been caught in the trap in the storeroom. Naturally at 2:00 in the night, I'd rather do other things than chuck mice out the house, so I said I would look into it tomorrow as she had thrown the previous mouse caught in the trap . So it was my turn this time.

Oh, let me describe the mouse trap to you. It's not the boring old one, its a modern mouse trap called 'trouble gum'. So basically it's a piece of cardboard, and a lot of glue on it. The glue is damn powerful;. One of my previour roomies had stepped onto it once and it stuck to her slipper so bad that the only way we could get her loose was by cutting through the glue. So when a mouse runs on it, it gets stuck and struggles and struggles and struggles but can't get off.

Now back to the story. I wake up the next day really late cos I was not well. Kiran was all ready to walk out to work by then so I see her off. Then I decide to go check on the dead mouse. To my surprise, it's not there any more. The glue however is messed up  to make me suspect fishy activity. I start with the theory that a stray cat had come in again and managed to pull the mouse off the thing and eat it. But as I'm about to leave the store-room I hear a shuffling noise. I look around and I see a "Chichundar" (bigger rodent with a triangular face, not known to bite people but makes a loud squeaking noise to express it's presence). It's happily stuck to a bag lying around. This thing had gone and eaten my mouse and in the process got enough glue on its hind legs and back side to get stuck, to the cloth bag. Thankfully it was an empty cloth bag. However the things front half was merrily  free and he was struggling to get away from the bag. Oh and to make matters worse, he had actually managed to also get the strap of a duffel bag lying nearby stuck between his belly and the cloth bag.

This was a bigger dilemma than just getting rid of a mouse caught in the trap. I had no idea how I could get rid of this monstrosity? I couldn't lift it because unline a mouse caught on the trap which I could lift like a hard cover book thanks to the stiffness of the cardboard,I could not lift this  and chuck it into a garbage bag. What do i do now? I decided maybe I should throw the mouse trap on top of it so it would stick to it and I could flip it on the back and chuck it out. However me being scared i threw the trap on it also in such a way that only the rear half was covered so now this thing turns its upper body and viciously started biting the cardboard. This freaked me out even more.Not knowing  what to do  I called my dad up who stays thousands of kms away from me and begged him to give me the strength to kick this thing out. He told me take a stick and give it a nice whack on its head and kill it. I told him to give me a better idea and hung up. I contemplated spraying it with the cockroach spray. However that idea was given up because it would have taken me forever to spray it with insecticide before it died. Finally dad told me throw a rag on it, use rubber gloves to pick it up and chuck it. This made sense

But it was definitely not that easy. I had to ensure the cloth would cover it properly unlike my last attempt at covering the thing with a mouse trap/ I tore an old pair of jeans which was to be chucked out and went and threw it on the rat. As soon as it landed on him it started shrieking which made me even more terrified.

Great, so now I have a covered menace to get rid of. I definitely wasn't going to lift it with my hand,. So I went looking for the trusty broom and sweeping pan. Having brought these in I made my first attempt to sweeping the whole pile onto it. Obviously the thing started shrieking again. Which made me throw the whole thing down and start jumping and shrieking on my own.Somehow this made the rodent go quiet. I made another attempt to sweep it onto the pan. This time I got it all there. I again laid the pan down and did my ritual of jumping and shrieking which looking back sounds really stupid.  Finally I forced myself to be brave and throw it in the huge dustbin bags we had in the house, tie it up without looking at what I had just chucked in. Once done i chucked it out with the garbage. And that is how I caught a mouse/humongous rodent in 40 minutes. To reward myself I called my brother up who had just woken up and described the whole incident to him in all the gory details. He hates me now and is scarred for life, but what are siblings for if not to help you cope with your difficulties so I don't mind. 

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