Friday, September 21, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins? Is that all?

Attitude! I believe this is bred of pure ignorance. Or even arrogance and ego. A state where you think you know so much and are so much better than everyone else that you just start being rude to them all. I have one question to these people, do they realise that it is humanly impossible to know everything, can they please acknowledge for the sake of progress that someone else who wishes to express an opinion might actually have some thing to add of value, something that could be the next innovation no matter how small, that everythign can be bettered and improvement happens only when you have an open mind to it.

Ignorance. You really cannot know everything. Nobody can. If you knew everything life would not be worth living anyways. there is just so much time you can afford to give to improving your skill set and only a certain way you think in. Had you taken the opposite direction when you started looking for knowledge you really would have been better at something else. So lets understand that most of us are ignorant about most of the things. why would you put an end to your learning by thinking you know it all and not letting further education or informtion seep through?

Arrogance. Being good at what you do is one thing. Being good at it and believing noone can do better is another.It stops progress right in its tracks. I already know how to do something and you dont so if you dont agree with me you can just hit the road.

Ego: the word itself oozes out me me me! Get over yourself for heaven's sake there are so many other people who have so much more to add. Please give them a chance. Dont think Im the one responsible/holding a certain position orin a position of authority and hence everyone will do as I please and if they dont i will make their lives hell. Stop.

Maybe this is a capitalistic world. And maybe everythign is dependant on the progress made. In which case the 4 attributes defined earlier are nothing but roadblocks. Maybe it's time to rethink the 7 deadly sins and make some additions to it.

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