Monday, September 10, 2012

In memory of Whiskey

This had to be completed. :) Its almost the most well known fact about me that I love cats. There's something about the curiosity which could kill that amuses and appeals to my innermost core and I feel they need to be sheltered taught and taken care of. So I couldnt help it, when I got a call from my hostel around 7ish one evening saying, we found an abandoned kitten in the hostel can you come see? I rushed back dropping all my chores( dont worry all student body stuff, not the studies!!) I saw the most amazing litten, it hadnt even opened it's eyes. It was frail, unable to maintain its balance and it'seyes had not even opened. I was filled with love for it instantaneously but at the same time knew it was fated to die very soon. For no mother cat would leave her baby alone unless she had abandoned it.

But I was the only girl who had had a cat there, and the other girls were full of wonder and didnt want to get rid of it, so we quickly organised a box for it from cotton and shoe boxes. One of the day scholars was asked to rush to the hostel with a syringe so I could get some milk into it and keep it alive. And I cleaned its eyes so it could see. It was magical once again.
it soon became a routine, I would feed it bathe it, leave it withthe guard who would feed it and then i'd come back home again to my baby, who'd be waiting for me inspite of all the attention she was getting from the other inhabitants of my hostel who'd just be clamouring for a piece of her.

Days turned to weeks, I was surprised she'd survived. She was never strong but she was lively and playful and curious.  Id often wake up to find she had cleverly scaled up my bag and come and curled up near my chest finding it warm and comfy and close to me. This scared me many a times cos i never felty her creeping into bed with me and i wondered how easy it would be for the huge bulk of me to crush her tiny life out. One of the most morbid thoughts I have had

That's her on Minal's PC. Pushing away and enjoying the noises erupting from the thing. And of course pee-ing on Sankalp :P

  However we soon noticed her tummy was bulging but her ribs were showing. I took her to the vet and he said she had worms. He didnt give a very good diagnosis for her but we did change the food and force feed her her medicines. It wasnt easy.
 She was just such a fragile thing. but she was always admired wherever i took her. My lil kitten with a cute bow around her neck. I pulled her out for durga pooja celebrations one, thought it would be a treat for my sickly kitten to see a bit of the world. she was excited initially as we left the gates of the hostel cos she had been this far but as we went further she was terrified. But the crowds loved her. It was funny me with my kitty at a durga pooja pandal :P and a small crown of kolkatans standing and petting her... :)

 I remember on my bday, I woke up late and decided i had to feed her first. In my sleepy state i locked my room behind me without the keys as i rushed to get her milk. when i returned thr was no way in. I called frantically for the lock smith. He took his own sweet tym to come. I was worried sick. Finally after 2 hrs of this i was in and i found her scared and curled up in my clothes in the bathroom as she didnt know where else to hide. She got pampered for the rest of the day.
She grew weaker and weaker. and she was sick all the time. one particular day she was specifically sick. She would not eat wouldnt drink and kept meowing. For some reason I was upset that day and I was not particularly patient. She kept trying to get near my bed and i pushed her into her box at the head of my bed. I was upset she was not responding and dat she didnt see all the food and meds were for her good. I was helpless cos I couldnt force them down her throat. That was the last day I spent with Whisky. When I awoke I found her on her back, legs in the air liek she'd tried to escape and fallen with a blue nose. It was the most horrible day of my life. We burried her in the garden. It turns out this is a common reaction young ones have when the milk they drank changes and they kind of suffocate in the morning when it gets cooler. Im not sure why. My last moments with Whisky had been ones where I was angry, and had forced her to sleep alone against her wish. Its the one thing I would change in my life if I could. I regret not having been more patient with her that day. And I miss her terribly. I did love her a lot. May she rest in peace maybe it's better this way than having to eke out a life everyday struggling to do things which are normal for other kittens. Maybe we should have let her go the way her mom did when she abandoned her but that would have been cruel.... She will always remain my pet and my baby and Im super proud of whatever she did achieve cos I know what a struggle even that was for her. Here's to remembering Whisky forever .

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