Saturday, September 8, 2012

3 short stories

Been super long since I put something down here, partly because ever since my breakup last year, i have found it easier to express my feelings through poems.. maybe there is some truth behind the college canteen owners advice to Ranbir kapoor in Rockstar. Thankfully, I no longer care about my ex, even though he is now not only in the same city as me but also the same organisation. Imagine the irony in that! Anyways moving to better topics, let me just keep this simple since I really don't have an agenda behind this post apart from making my presence felt :P So three short stories

a) I yelled at my the guy who provides me with my cooking gas cylinders today. They guy came to replace my cylinder without me inviting him. he insisted on replacing the thing after suggesting it would last only a day. Later when i was trying to cook, it simply would not light up. I immediately called up the gas wala to yell at him for giving me an empty cylinder.  after making sure i calmed down he asked me what was going on. I said its not lighting and i can smell gas too.. what kind of a cylinder have you given me, to which he replied, Madam aapka lighter kharaab hua hain(your lighter is not working) :)

b) I've subscribed to this poet called MerlinS, don't ask me why. Half of his poems are about heartbreak and justifying his role in every poem he jots down. I wonder if he has so many relationships maybe there is something wrong with him.

c) I was talking to meditative girl (iiftians will know who I mean) and went if i dont finish this today my RM will kick my ass n imitated being picked by the collar of my shirt and getting kicked to her and she looks  at me with big brown eyes and goes really???:P:D

There i have cmpltd 3 stories nw... see you later 

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