Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Shame

She loves her country

And is proud of the strides it makes

But scratch the surface a bit

And she finds nothing but a land lying waste

“No child labour allowed “

A proud sign outside an office declares

Yet in she walks and she’s faced

With the sight of a kid happily brushing away at a ledge

She wonders for what the deception?

Why the big fa├žade?

Why bother to say something

When if that suit you best that’s what you are?

Someone who should be in school

Is so happy to just have a job

Not able to see through the exploitation

Cheerfully lives the dream he bought

And she looks on this from the outside

And realizes this is a one-off case not

And she bleeds cos she seem to have not

The courage and strength to fight this off.

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