Sunday, October 7, 2012

Movie Marathon

I'd promised I'd give you my own honest, unbiased review of the movies I watch so here I have been on a movie marathon, all for the benefit of you guys. Ok fine, I went on a movie marathon cos I was stuck at the dentist's for an hour and I pushed myself to go through thatordeal so i also was morally obliged to make it up to myself and hence the movie marathon :)  But you guys get the reviews anyways so what do you care how they came your way.

English Vinglish: Awesome. I kind of got it because it tackled a very real issue in india. Men here hardly ever marry their equals. They want women who will stay at home, take care of kids and their parents, cook o.k. let me cut them a little slack they at least want women who are not half as successful as they are so they never get questioned, don't have to push tp prove their point can dominate and have everything their way. I have heard this from guys in IIFT, a pretty good B-school for people unaware of IIFT, that he would rather have his wife sit at home and not work or be bothered about her education cos he does'nt want a Double income no kids family. So coming back to the movie, it tackled the issue of a woman being married with two kids, one of whom is a teenage bitch and is literally ashamed of her mom. The husband though not meaning to , insults her through his insensitivity. So this lady comes to the US to help her widowed sister arrange her daughter's wedding and she joins a learn english in 4 weeks class. And lo and behold, she regains her self-confidence, and does something for herself and in the process still manages to hold on to her family(it's an Indian movie after all) and prove a point to them that she is a free broad minded, can do it woman of today and should really not be taken for granted. I liked Sri-Devi in this movie. And the other highlight of the movie for me was the guy who plays the french chef in the movie Laurent, Mehdi Nebbou. He's super hot and cute at the same time.

Next, Killing them Softly. Good cast, Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini. Everything you liked in a good gang/crime movie. Too much gore and card playing and manipulation and plotting for me though. Maybe it was the effect that i had watched something as heart warming as English Vinglish, but these movies have never been up my alley and it's more my fault than theirs, I suppose. i got grossed out by the violence. My brother however will love it and it has got excellent reviews so I would urge you not to go by my words unless your a girl who has not like movies about stealing from gamblers and getting caught and brought to the book for it, trust me there have been a few of these.

And OMG- that's the title of the movie. Not me exclaiming. It was an awesome movie. it preached my philosophy. A middle class man disillusioned with all the rites and rituals surrounding god and places of worship takes on God, when his insurance company refuses to pay up for the damage to his shop in an earthquake citing it as an act of god. He takes on all religious outfits who are monopolizing god and says pay up! In the process he ends up unfolding a lot of conclusions, a) that these rituals and rites are man-made and mostly illogical, benefiting only the priestly classes b) none of these when you think of it is really something God would want you to do if he existed, and being a good person and a true philantrophist will get you much further anyday and c) Just because someone showed you some light of day is no excuse to deify him. There is also an important point made at the end of the movie by one of the main god men, that most people would listen to you for a while but soon when something goes wrong with them they would return to the same temples and do the same things they have done all their lives, fall prey to the rituals because they are more god-fearing than god-loving. Now that was a conclusion I had not reached on my own in the past and I think it's pretty profound. However, I was impressed. I wish it would have an effect on people beyond them watching it for fun. It could change the world a little of people really understood all the underlying messages and behaved themselves. Another conclusion from the movie was never take away anyones religion or faith from them because then they will only turn you into a saint, martyr or god-forbid, god himself :P True and profound. not all human beings have the capacity to go on with life on their own believing that there is nothing out there looking after them. Hell, not many have the capacity to exist believing all religions are same, all people are same and there is one god. you will harm the population more than help them if you take their religion away from them .

All in all 2 thought provoking movie and a third one which I do not appreciate but am sure is good in it's genre because experts of that genre seem to think so. And a very fruitful tiring sunday. Time to sleep. Good night! :)

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