Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Birthday gone well

Somehow I always seem to think my friends will not be able to ace their last performance and somehow they always manage to ace it regardless of it :) And I really appreciate them for this. So as you have guessed correctly, I had another awesome birthday!

So on 15th of Oct, I returned home thinking I would be cutting a cake with only Kiran, my roommate. I opened the main gate and was about to unlock my door when I heard a hopeful "Kshitija". Thinking Kiran had come, I went to check out who it was and imagine my surprise when I saw Shveta( one of my friends from IIFT) standing there. I spent the next 10 mins staring at her, giving her random hugs, asking her if she'd have water or something to eat and screaming "I can't believe you showed up" :) That in itself was an awesome start. Apparently Sayani had asked Kiran for my new address on FB( thank god for the internet) and passed on the information to Minal and Shveta. And here I was thinking  nobody was gonna do anything cos no one asked me for my address.

And then Kiran came back but  left cos something was mysteriously left with her fiancee in the car. So I tried to play dumb cos I knew it was more in my interest that way :P So I spent some time chit chatting with Shveta and Minal who could not contain her excitement and called at 11:30 itself :P. There were 2 cakes cut that night, one from Shveta and one from Kiran cos neither one knew the other was getting a cake :D so I got an amazing strawberry cake and my favourite chocolate truffle in one go. And then the barrage of phone calls started and ended only at 2 which is when I finally got to eat the cakes I had cut so happily :|

The next day, after making breakfast for Shveta, I left for the McD at sector 16 Noida, where Pallavi and Bhansali had called me for breakfast. And of course there was one more cake there :D This was followed by a quick visit to my old office because my cabbie would not come pick me up from 16 and take me to office.

Once I got to my own office I found my cubicle covered in balloons and streamers and a perfect bouquet of pink roses :D They then proceeded to shower me with a birthday card with personalised messages, the deos I use :P lots of chocs and another cake at lunch time... This was all interspersed with wishes from a lot of people I have never otherwise had a chance to speak to :) So it was awesome.

Not to mention the fact that my phone did not stop ringing since 5 in the evening the previous day to 11 last night and the various BBMs, Watsapp msgs and smses pouring in. Also the personalised presentation :P from darshika and the cards and the countdown she did for me on Monday evening. :) I loved every moment and was overwhelmed with all the affection pouring out from all directions.. Thanks to everyone who made my day so awesome in case you read this... I love you all. 


Nitesh said...

Lucky you ...!!

Kshitija Khade said...

hehe!! I agree... Super Lucky :)