Monday, October 1, 2012


The more I see of the world, the more I think men are the most insecure things on the face of earth. For everything they have almost martial rules set down, and in case something is supposedly peaceful, they still manage to instill a certain martial element into it by just being men. 

What sparks these thoughts on a vacation you ask? Well here it is. I had a best friend. She got married. Since then her husband has massive issues with me speaking to her. The main two issues he has with me that he speaks about are, a) why does she not speak to me instead of you b) why does she not take my advise on her personal matters. Well if thats the problem then a) because you are a good friend but you are not my best friend. b) because I cannot tell u my girlie issues and you're never going to understand them either.  What I genuinelythink is the issue is that, I still remain my ex-best friend's confidant( the reason im insisting on talking about her in the past tense is that, she willingly or unwillingly is being pressurised into behaving the way her husband wants her to). The fact that both of them come from very different backgrounds has a huge role to play in it maybe. But I honestly think that very few Indian guys are brave enough to share their wives' attentions with anyone even if its of the same gender. They are insanely possessive and protective of these women. And they want to own them. Every exchange that poor girl has with the world has to go through them apparently. They have to have a say in the advise their girls give to others whether they are emotionally and mentally equipped to do this does not really matter. 

I believe most women enjoy the possessiveness. But there is a limit to it. The modern educated woman is not only about the house. She has her education and career to take care of too. She can be given some space. and trust too. yes you are not the only person in her life like probably your father was in his wife's life or his grandfather for his grandmother ryt upto the neanderthaal ages. However, you can trust you are the only man in her life and let her have some friends of her own. God knows you have plenty of morons hanging around you all the time. I can't believe the insecurities you suffer from when you get threatened by a girl your wife is friends with. Some emotional intelligence. Well, I have no patience for it. You can keep your wife. I will hereby never be contacting her or you again. All the best and don't look on me as a friend.

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