Saturday, October 20, 2012

Argo! please watch! Go!!!

i'm so exhausted! but I did catch a movie this weekend too. right after the 24 hour stay in office. It was Ben Affleck'd Argo. It is amazing. It's based on a true incident and it is awesome. i loved everything about it and i'm unabashedly going to say, it's probably the first Ben Affleck flick i have truly enjoyed. There's no unnecessary romantic angle, no added drama, it delivers the story in a nice crisp manner which keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout while also making you laugh at the occasional stabs at humour. I would suggest this movie as a must watch to everyone. And im really not in a very verbose mood right now but this is something I had to say today itself, because I loved it so much. We were flooded with familiar faces but they all essayed their characters to the t and no one over stepped the border and there were no unnecessary heroics. Go for it without thinking twice.

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