Thursday, October 18, 2012

A poem for a change.

I did something interesting last night, I doubt anyone has done this yet, but maybe they have I dont know. It was a first for me. I had a dream which woke me up at 4 and it kind of gave me the first line/inspiration for a poem. This has not happened for the first time but earlier I had put my self to sleep again saying I will remember it later, which never happened. So this time around I actually SMSed the poem to myself (I'm not so crazy that I'd wake up to put it down in my blog immediately) so here it is. Please for heaven's sake don't send me brickbats for it. I usually am more balanced than this poem suggests.

Ohh heart be still,
I've heard you long enough , now listen to my mind instead-
Love is not a game, its a battlefield
With strategies and victories and defeats thrown in.

Ohh heart don't beat so
You're making me bleed.
It's time an equal was found, an alliance was made not just a dalliance
Why must you speak when not required? It's time you let the adults think.

Ohh heart be still don't yearn no more
It's time something was earned
and to do has never been your forte still
Let whatever wisdom accumulated shine through
You just be still and watch the till.

Ohh heart, stop! Don't beat
You've made me make mistakes so far
I've had disappointments and hopes and then some more.
I can't take it anymore I'm sure - just be still
Don't beat for fear that the next defeat may me kill.

That's it folks. Now you've seen the poetic side of me though there's a whole different blog for that in another place already :D Thought I'd give you a taste of that side of me and anyone who wants more feel free to let me know and I will share the link with you. However if you are smart enough you will dig it up yourself. :)

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