Saturday, December 29, 2012

What are you going to do about it?

And I mean this in the most constructive way possible. The poor Delhi girl who suffered one of the most heinous gang-rapes known to mankind, finally died today. While it saddens me that I take the stand of thank god it's over, I also know it's the most practical thing. Forget the trauma she would have had to face, the fact that her intestines and vagina would have to be replaced would have made life physically painful for her too. For those out of the loop, a girl was gang-raped by a group of men in a Delhi bus and then the messed around with an iron rod and managed to pull out her intestines too. And this gut wrenching description is actually one of the least morbid ones I could possibly give of the incident so you can well imagine how horrific the tale is. The poor girl struggled to survive, but finally she is dead today. And I see protest marches and angry messages and updates. But like everything else, I know it is just something people are doing in the moment, that it leading to something really substantial is near impossible

I see rants to the government and security. But honestly are you sayign that a law passed by the government is going to put an end to this? In a society where women are not respected in their own houses, and where the male to female population is seriously skewed, this leaves me feeling very hopeless about the situation. However, if anyone is really looking for a solution, here goes

1) Equal treatment of the genders. This starts from curbing female foeticide. For heaven's sake, you killing a girl before she is even born is the same if not worse than girls being abused and left for dead and finally succumbing to their injuries. It preaches a mentality that women are not of any value. Why would your sons pay attention or respect to girls like they deserve then?

2) Equal opportunities to girls. You will send your sons to all the fancy schools and parties and outings. And they are allowed to stay out late and date girls etc. They are allowed to wear and act and do as they please. But not girls. And for heavens sake, our dressign doesnt provoke men. Its the animal instinct and the fact that they see a vulnerable and helpless prey in front of them that does. So stuff your preaching about dress decently up your ass. Give equal opportunities to women and it will increase the acceptance of girls in all aspects of society more and make them less of an enticement to the perverts that exist

3) Be a pro-active society. There has been an incident when walking on the streets of Mumbai, I yelled at a guy who tried to brush past my friend while we were walking on the road in the night, and the guy ran for his life cos the shopkeepers nearby came out. Delhi, and unfortunately now even mumbai to some extent is losing this pro-activeness. However if societies promise to protect its own that area becomes safe and this can spread as a mutually agreed upon solution if taken seriously.

So we don't need the government to put up a law to deter these incidents. We need good educated societies. And anger is fine but what's more important is where it is directed and what comes out of it. We are not looking for a quick fix here, finding and hanging the guilty is not enough, we need a permanent fix and that can only come through us. So I again ask you, what are you going to do about it?

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