Sunday, December 23, 2012


They will not talk to her

They do look at her

They wonder who she is and where she comes from

A stranger in her own land

Sometimes a curse and sometimes a boon

She sits quietly with her lunch

Her back to them all

She is tired of the constant gazes and curious eyes she sees

She wants none of it today

Her friends are on leave

Hence she feels the eyes even more

She tries to not think about them

But its easier with company on her hand

They finally guess she’s just alone

They also make a conjecture on her character

Quite the snob they think let her be

We have plenty without her you see

She wishes they would’nt judge her so

That her differences are more of accents and lisps than pride

That she’s just normal and one of them all

But the constant speculation puts her off

She would rather not explain herself anymore

Why must she fight for acceptance with every single soul?

Had she been just the same would they have cared

But now a snob have they her named

So she sits quietly with her back to them

Blocking out the sounds of friendly laughter and cheer

Wishing there was someone she knew

Who would in this vast unfriendly world make her feel at home.

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