Wednesday, November 28, 2012

top 5 things to do if you achieve "World Domination"!!!"

I started writing this blog sometime back :P Don't remember when and am too lazy to go back and checkbut Im guessing it was somewhere around 2008. And I had to explain the weird choice fot the name. One of the comments caught my eye. It was best of luck with your plans of world domination :D

Now, you may well wonder how I thought I was going to get there. And here's how I thought it would. i was kind of hoping that people would start reading the blog and my ideas would get embedded in their minds and then their actions and thus I could control them :P

Anyways, that did not happen, as you can clearly see. But I can still try to think of the top 5 things I would do if I had managed it, can't I? ;)

5) Put Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan in a box and throw them in the middle of the next hurricane threatening the DCs I look at providing DR support to as a sacrifice to appease the Gods! Hopefully, it won't have the opposite effect!

4) Catch hold of all the bureaucratic people like one of my teammates who creates more obstacles than he resolves and fling them to the sharks, god bless their souls(the sharks not the people's)

3) Ban Rap and hip hop. God awful sound for no reason.

2) Get all my favourite brands to pay me for for shopping with them :)

1) Make fat the new beautiful like in the renaissance period :'( Too much hard work trying to lose it I tell you :|

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