Friday, November 9, 2012

Hotel Transylvania

Interesting animated flick, Different concept. It twirls around the age old dilemma of who's actually afraid of whom. so there's Count Dracula and guess what, his daughter has just turned 118. He has raised her all on his own and watched her grow. He has built a castle where no human can ever enter and this is now a hotel; Hotel Transylvania;a hotel for only monsters where they can feel safe from humans. She has lived 118 years surrounded by only monsters.

And now it's her coming of age. She has finally turned 118. There is a lavish party as usual for her. All the monsters you can think of are there right from Frankensteing to the werewolves to the zombies. And he knows that for her 188th bday she will argue that she wants to go explore the world. So he stages a scene of a village dresses up zombies as humans and sends her out there for a half an hour flight. It has the desired effect, she returns vowing to never go out again. However when the Count's band of zombie actors return from the village a young backpacker who had heard stories of this castle follows them straight into the hotel. The Count now has two tasks on hand, ensuring this youngster gets out without anyone figuring out a human made it to the castle, which would ruin business for him as the castle would no longer be a safe getaway from humans and two ensuring the boy and his daughter do not fall in love. And invariably he fails miserably at both.

A sweet romantic flick which plays amazingly well with the emotions of a father trying to protect his daughter from his worst fear and then eventually giving in to her wishes in order to see her happy, its a nice watch and has many other subtle messages about acceptance and forgiving and letting go off the past and adapting to the future. Over  all I would see watch it when you are in the mood for a nice animated flick you can see with your family. 

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