Sunday, November 11, 2012


Caught the latest Bond flick doing the rounds. I like Bond, and I like strong alpha male figures. There's just something very fascinating about a guy who has brains and manages to still kick someone's ass if required.

Having said that and shown I'm clearly biased towards James Bond, I know the movie has not got as good reviews as its predecessors have. However, I believe this is more to do with the fact that Bond in our minds has been moulded into this sleek gadget wielding, casanova types. So when we see Bond movies with not that much sex and machines. I actually like the less objectifying of women as sex objects part to be honest, I like Daniel Craig's James Bond movies more partly for this. Hardly seen him making out as much as the previous Bond's did. And I say this after having been a big Pierce Brosnan fan from his days of Remington Steele. Plus there's no denying that Craig is a more hand's on Bond. And I like the delving into the past that I see in these movies. I loved discovering how Bond became so emotionally detached from women, or that he is a rich Scottish(?) orphan. And I definitely liked wathing him trying to save M and a list of agents(somewhat Mission Impossible I-ish) rather than watching him go catch hold of weird baddieswho want to nuke the world in hopes of getting their oil to somewhere else or similar nuke related Bond stories. Not that I did'nt like those. But I think people are being harsh giving these not so good reviews. I think an unbiased viewing of these movies would actually help you enjoy them more. Why must Bond always save the world from an impeding near end? I know I went in not expecting Bond to be the Pierce Brosnan bond flicks and was on the edge of the seat. I could not even wait for the title song to end cos I was so eager to see how Bond was gonna come back next.

 And now I'm going to be a girl and let the girlie instincts take over. Daniel Craig is awesomely hot. I love his eyes (thanks to the title song where they are in focus and make you think of clear blue oceans and sandy beaches :D) I was even more excited to see Ralph Fiennes(one of my all time favouritest actors in the whole wide world :P) come in as M. He's super awesome. And the new Q is cute too. And my dad told me Daniel Craig is 50 years old when I started gushing over him on the phone. Dads! Anyways, I hate to see Judi Dench leaving. But all in all I liked this movie too. And I'm glad to see a change in perspective and them trying to do something new.

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