Friday, November 9, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

She tries her best
To make it on her own
She feels the world
At her feet now bows.

For she is now grown
and has learnt a lot along the way
She feels all safe and secure
For she knows there's someone who cares.

A nice strong man
who has always cleaned her path for her
Has rid the road of thorns
And tried to carpet the world

He has anticipated she would walk
He has anticipated what she would do
He has aspired and dreamt
Of what when she's grown she will do

And now he watches
With pride from the shadows as she twirls
She does not know
That before she tried to them command he already had tamed the troublemakers

Always watching out
Planning and anticipating
Wanting to protect but knowing he must let go
if he wants her to always be Daddy's little girl!

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