Friday, December 28, 2012

Not sure what to name this

So I recently attended my best friend's sisters wedding in Mumbai. And as expected with all indian weddigns everythign was pure chaos. I am yet to see a well organised and disciplined indian wedding. So much so that after my big fat greek wedding i wondered what the whole hullabaloo was about. Anyways, that being not what I set out to write about, I will get straight down to my latest eureka moment(Yes I had one more of those)

"You threaten to leave only those who you know can't do without you"

And its one of the most heartless selfish thing you can do. There's a weird sadistic pleasure one gets from seeing the person in front of you getting all emotional and look at you pleadingly. And its horrible. And I know this because this is exactly what I did. And then I felt super bad about it. Because I knew it wasnt my friends fault and she had other commitments. But I was mad. And I knew it was her fault to some extent for not having planned it better and for letting me down by not having enough time for me especially since i came back home after 3 months. And so i told her this is the last time Im going to see you for a very very long time so hope you enjoyed it and walked off. And then I felt very bad about it and realised that had she not put me in a position where I could tell her this and not worry about retaliation or to hell with you attitude I would never have said it. And hence the above quote about threatening to leave only those who cant do without you. Another one of my sad observations on behaviour I guess.


Swati Handa said...

:) it takes courage to accept ur mistake

Kshitija Khade said...

Thank you thank you... meesa very brave... my friends very generous :)