Thursday, January 10, 2013

Under Attack

And you may think I'm talking war,
But to think so simply helps not my cause
For external affaris are all thought of
What no one pays heed to are internal faults.

A girl gets stripped of all her decency and more
You may say this is a known ill
But that it takes the most barbaric force
For us to take note,, is this not us under seige?

Basic rights violated, Basic needs ignored
All our morals flushed down the drain
And we live with the mentality of survival of the best
We survived today, the one hurt was someone else
Such apathy, such mistrust in fate

For we seem to believe
it would never be us,
It happens to the careless, it happens to those who provoke!!
It happens to people who take risks unknown.

And so people mourn the dead
protest, show anger and say the right things
while keeping these thoughts in their heads
I say one thing people, you are no safe.

These criminals lurk within the safety of these false concepts
It's not the external measures but what out society promotes and fosters that protects.
So teach your kids values, every little effort helps
Tell them right from wrong and pray your neighbour does the same
We are no longer at most harm from outside
Its our society, beliefs,customs under attack from within

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