Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Long time, but Im back now

So the net connection at my place was shaky, for the last 2 months and hence I was not able to post anything. Got a datacard yesterday finally and im so excited that I have the net again :P Though most people will be like really, she took 2 months to get a datacard. And for that I have only one brilliant friend of mine to thank. So this dude told me that he would be getting a datacard issued from the company and I could take his personal one so I dont have to invest too much. I gladly agreed cos honestly it would just have been a waste of money. Now later that week, I had a word about my internet problems with my RM and he very nicely said drop me an email and I will have one issued to you. But that stupid friend of mine went and threw a huge tantrum about how I should not have done that when he had said he was going to lend me his datacard. And so I didnt drop a mail asking for one to be issued from the office. And then this brilliant friend of mine, his datacard took forever to arrive, by the time it did arrive, he went off on leave for 3 weeks, then he came back and was messed up cos his girlfriend is breaking up with him and then finally got off his ass and went and collected the datacard from the office and handed over his to me... So that is why I took two months to get internet connection, something that can be done in one day's time. Anyways, now that I have it, you will see a whole lot more activity from me over here, I promise. And now time to get ready and go to work.  I will catch you guys later with a more sensible post soon i hope.


Nitesh said...

Comedy out of tragedy..!! :):)

Kshitija Khade said...