Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Earth Quake!!!

There was an earthquake yest in Pakistan. At 2 in the night to be precise. I was happily washing my clothes. Dont ask me why i was washing clothes at 2 in the night in cold delhi. I am an MBA student... certain insanity goes with the territory (Plus I was determined to have those clothes clean!! :P) Lets focus on the big picture here!!!!

So there was an earthquake in Pakistan. Try picturing my room here first. There's one room... and an attached bath area.. which has two bathrooms, two wash basins and a toilet.. and it leads to anothe room..Back to the story. I am washing my clothes at 2 in the night, and the door to the other room is closed cos Shveta was sleeping and i start hearing noises of the bed moving... Me being not-inquisitive abt such sounds i decided to keep my nose out of it.. till i felt the earth spinning and Ritika yelling from my room frantically... and she goes earthquake! earthquale. And I walk out and go seriously? and she's like ya! so im like y r u sitting on your bed then... you should run downstairs!!(see how i always come up with the right thing to do... :D) So Ritika's like ya.. I should.... And walks towards the door.. and i realise shveta was not responsible for the bed moving and i better wake her up and take her down too; yell frantically for her to wake up... Its another story that she on walking out the room realises that she left her phone in the room and goes to pick it up.. By the time we made it out the earthquale was gone....

and then we came up and called our respective families, friends and loved ones and after ensuring they were safe went back to sleep....

{The earthquake happened in Pakistan and was of 7.5 scale magnitude.. I pray for all the innocent people trapped in it. and for the ones who have left this world.... May they find peace wherever they are}

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