Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Of moons and stars!!! :P

So apparently one day the Minnesota planetarium decided it was time to make an impact. And boy did they do it in style. They said the gravitational pull of the moon had changed , thus changing the position of the celestial bodies. Not only did this mean a change in their positions but also a new zodiac emerged out of this, ochiphichus. And by this one statement/finding they have thrown everyone’s SUN signs into disarray. Suddenly a Libran realises she is a virgo, a Capricorn , a saggi; and what would have been considered a good combination is now a mismatch!!! And imagine the countless weddings which are scheduled to take place based on the word of an astrologer, they will all need to get new consultations lest they be the end of each other.. not to mention the ones who are already married, will they now no longer be compatible?? Looks like the divorce rates in India may just hit the roof... :P

But the more important thing here for me is the identity crisis, I as a Libran am supposed to be diplomatic, clever, indecisive and Beautiful!!! I don’t know what I will do now that I am a virgo!!!Its like being told that while you were sleeping the tectonic plates shifted and so now you are a Pakistani and not an India... WTH!!!

Well the bright side is that I was born before the moon decided that it did not love the earth quite as well as it used to before 2009 and changed its gravitational pull, my sun sign will not change and so will everyone else’s who was born before 2009. But it sure adds to the confusion (as if there wasn’t enough confusion around astrology as it is) So now if I were to have a daughter on the 16th of October( my birthday) she would not be a beautiful Libran but a whatever they are Virgo???? That is seriously depressing...But kudos to the moon for pulling off a fast one on the SUN signs :P:D

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