Monday, January 10, 2011

My first real winter. :)

Been in Delhi for a month in November and December and back again in Jan. Probably gonna be here for a good month. Having never been north of Mumbai in anything but the winter months, it was bound to be a tough winter for me. But its been fun as such. Its a new experience and a challenge if you must see it that way, cos I had only one thin sweater when i reached this place. Needless to say the warm clothes wardrobe has expanded to three new sweaters, a really thick jacket, woollen socks, gloves, 4 scarfs and 2 new pairs of jeans. I think I love winter. It has given me the chance to diversify the wardrobe. :P

Its been interesting though. Being in a temperature below 5degrees for the first time in my life, has taught me to appreciate hot chocolate and coffee with friends even more than before :P but seriously learnt a lot of new things, some of them being what a heater looks like and how it works, the need to keep your head covered at all times in order to not lose body heat this way, watching the water vapour in your breath condense, being back in the hostel or safe areas before it gets really dark. It also introduced me to the concept of thermals, this is something i don’t think im ever going to stop praising, cos they really are life savers. I have blessed the person who came up with the concept of thermals a thousand times already. And I have another three weeks to go here. Don’t know where I will be going next, but this winter has removed the fear of coping in cold cities from my mind completely. I was literally petrified with the prospect of spending a winter in Delhi but it has smoothed a lot of my worries and made me realise that I can manage it. And I am glad for the first real winter of my life.

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