Wednesday, March 16, 2011

she must wait.....

Tremble little leaves
cos what winds do blow
the tidings they bring, how fate does turn
one by one she sees her friends fall
either victim to demands of society or happy in a new found love
what decides this and why such discrimination??????
she had loved them one and all
since the days they sang as choir girls
to the time they wept in her embrace
tears of joy or fear of the unknown?
what thoughts provoke them out of their homes?
away from all they have known and all that has been
she wonders for she does not know-
watching her friend bid all goodbye
the conflict between the tears and the smile
she knows not how to react and watches spellbound
the questions still weighing heavily on her mind,
a child waiting to watch yet another butterfly rise
would it reach the sun or the wings burn?????
she knows not what to say when its her turn,
"adieu" says her friend with a peck on the cheek-
a little dazed and very confused
trying to gain the answers from unknown signs
she must wait cos she does not know.


Sharyu said...

Hey Kshitija, as always really well written poem. I loved it except i want one clarification, in the poem what it exactly depicts, the turmoil of the girl who gets married and leave her comfort behind or u losing ur best friend to the marriage?

horizon said...

hey!!!! u read it ! yay! its the second one... not exactly losing ur frnd to marriage but wondering y and how have they arrived at this decision bcos for someone who is not married it seems a big step but for the person getting married its so normal... and the one on the outside cant fathom why this person decided to get married and ther eare al these questions about are they doing the ryt thing and if this is right for her frnd then wats ryt for her and wat is she doing with her life and stuff....a lot of confusion about life and the feeling that ur frnd has seen or found somethign u dont understand and u get the feeling of being left behind but at the same time u dont know if u want to find it cos u dont knw where finding it will make u end up will u be happy or are u just getting married bcos everyone else did and thts wat is expected of u so its a very confused state of mind that i have tried to describe :)