Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm Back, once again :P

Hello people. I was afraid the readership would have dwindled by now seeing my inactivity, but I'm so glad I still seem to be getting some viewership :) So winters are over in Delhi and how. It feels like I'm in the middle of May already.. Not such a good thing because Delhi is really hot in the summers.

 Well anyways. All my friends got married last month, more or less and thats what caused the long absence. That and the fact that I used to either go to work or come back and curl up in the blanket in my desperate attemot to get away from the cold. Anyways one good thing is I am now over the" oh my god everyone is getting married and im still single"  crap thanks to the fact that even after my friends got married not much has really changed in my life and it still continues the way it was earlier. So that's one fear come and gone.

And the next new thing in my life is, Ive started watching One Tree Hill; yes I know its really really old but Ive not really watched it before so what difference does it make? :P I really like it. Its a nice gripping story so far.

 And I'm really looking forward to getting out of Delhi and back to Mumbai. Please pray that this actually happens. I miss Mumbai. It was much safer than Delhi.  I wish the December Rape had not happened. It has just made me more paranoid. im literally glaring at everyone on the road like he's a potebtial rapist and I'm sure the guys are feeling it too. I feel sorry about making them all feel like dirt but hey better safe than sorry. Im gonna look out for myself first. But its pretty off-putting for me too so praying really really hard I get back to Mumbai.

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