Thursday, October 21, 2010

Questions once more

Its 2:40 at night and I still feel like I am looking for something. I am not satisfied at all at the moment. What am i supposed to be doing here? I think I am just going to shoot off questions in this post and you just have to bear with me... I am of course assuming that someone reads this blog other than me...

As I approach another change and a big one at that, these questions just get more and more confusing.... I am at the moment in a very unique situation.... Most of my friends are, by now, settled happily in life be it their job, their clarity on career path or being committed to someone. I suddenly find I have none of these stabilising factors.... and its driving me a little insane with worry. Once more I will be uprooted from a settled lifestyle( that of a carefree student) and thrown into the big mean rat race... Only now it gets much more meaner and dirtier... It is at times like this that i question my ability.... I know I have proven myself many times before... often surprising everyone around me pleasantly but I am not sure how much effort will be necessary to pull off a surprise here... And man do i need to pull off a brilliant surprise here...

In case This is sounding very vague let me just put it down as a series of questions as they come to my mind

Is college really coming to an end

Will I ever have as much fun as I do now( Esp felt when i witness the daily adventures of my fav characters in class Sayo, Meanie, Ipsi,Shveta, Neha, Rohatgi and STRAWBERRY!!! :P)

Where the bloody hell am i headed in life now? I am still struggling to figure out which stream I am gng to get myself into and theres a month and a half left... im so dead

Will I be able to adjust to another change in life

Am I even doing the right thing, especialy when I see all my school friends working , settled in their lives, buying homes and cars...and i am again at a stage where i have to start out with nothing in hand....

What do companies expect of me now? How does one prepare???

Why am i so clueless.. Please dear god tell me everyone feels the same cluelessness

So now do you see why i am so sleepless tonight???? Please let me find the answers to some of these questions soon.....

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