Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Controversies, the spice of life????? / SCHADENFREUDE

My last post invited a lot of brickbats from my Bengali friends which they were kind enough to give me in person rather than post it here. I'd just like to say, that it was meant in sport, I love Kolkata for all practical purposes. It has been home to me for the last 1 and a half years and a certain fondness is sure to follow such a long association. However I do apologise if it hurt anybody's sentiments. Ans since that was posted publicly, an apology needs to be made publicly. Please try to understand that I joke( sometimes a bit too much) but thats who i am and i only joke about things that are close to my heart or mater to me the most, else I am indifferent to the world.

Now having said all that, I love controversies, don't you? Its so much fun. Who does not love to turn to the last and second last page of the supplement and see what the local celebrities have been upto? I guess a certain feeling called schadenfreude(german) is responsible for this. What this loosely means is deriving pleasure from someone else's misfortune. So you turn to these pages in search of entertainment, take pleasure from the fact that somebody else is having a tough time too.Some common thoughts on reading these pages "Ohh Britney Spears had another break up, How can she possible live like this, she deserves it".

Take a minute to pause, admitted she has made a lot of money by just singing and looking pretty or whatever, but she has made it herself and she has put in a lot of efforts getting to where she is. Is this your jealousy acting up? Are you so frustrated in life that you want to be the gossipmonger waiting to see someone fall so you can talk about it. Why dont you just do something with your life instead?

Schadenfreude may offer you a release from your daily worries, a temporary feeling of ohh she's having a much worse time than I am and I'm so glad for it. But that's the thing about it, its TEMPORARY. And its not very nice. Laughing at others misfortunes just shows how depressed you are with your life. That time could instead have been better utilised thinking about what to do with your day and how you can obtain something positive.

And for those who are at the centre of controversies, all I can say is good for you. You were important enough for people around you to sit up, take notice of your action and pass judgement. You must be doing something right to get so much attention and talktime. At least there is something people will remember you for and your life on this planet will not be a complete waste. So as long as your living your life on your terms and doing what you think is right, not hurting anyone and something positive is coming out of your action, dont worry. Carry on. You are probably on the right track. Better to be the one being talked about than the one doing the talking i guess. Probably the reason I dont pay attention to all the idle gossip about my life(hehe see how nicely I have managed to work myself into the post and inform you whether im the one doing the talking or the one talked about; I do not believe in leaving confusion in your minds ever :P) And yes, controversies are the spice of life for you too, because it means your doing something so off-track and different that its getting other's attention. Also you are thinking rather than taking the path commonly treaded(trode??? whats the word. Ed board, please help!!!) So thats about all i have to say on this. Until I find something else to talk about. Have Fun.... :)

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