Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why I deserve to be in the Rugby Team for India.

time 7:30 pm
Venue : kurla station
destination: Vikhroli station(with some luck)
Mode: A fully crowded train with a lot of angry, snobbish (since i travel first class) and quite a few menopausal(ooh.... these are the worst when they get angry) women

So after a days work I believe in some play. After all, all work and no play is said to make Jack a dumb boy according to an age old adage and in this age of equality of the sexes and feminism what's good for Jack is good for Mary too... :P So i have trudged up the stairs from the harbour line platform, and come to the central line after many angry, sharp elbows in the back to the weird, frisky and overly excited males at the station which they well deserved btw.... but that was just a warm up for what is to come. The train draws to a halt . All of us rush forward. SCRUM!!! For the uninitiated it is the thing where you see all those big fat sweaty men on the two rugby teams lock heads(for lack of horns) and then spin around trying to push each other. this is usually done in a match when you need to restart play after a minor penalty or infraction has occurred . Well in my case the infraction is that the train stopped at the station. The two teams formed spontaneously are the ones getting in and the ones getting out. After 20 seconds of wildly pushing and pulling and letting words a lady would never use in public fly around without a care of whom they hit ( yes ppl the F*** and B**** words are common here some may even call it sledging) we are finally in motion gain. mainly because the train is taken off. The ones who were left behind on either the platform amongst those who wanted to board the train and those who wished to alight ; well its survival of the fittest. And then you have the entire phase where you align yourself according to the optimum position to get out of the train at your stop. A lot of pushing and pullinh, twisting and turning, watvching new scrums form and dissolve later its time for you to get back in the field again. you adjust the team. get the ones who are noyt willing to cooperate and move in the direction you want to move in to back down by gving them so much attitude, they'd think you were a diva amongst the divas... Once more I am in a scrum, and I hold position no matter who may try to fall on top of me.. And I Push when the train hits the station. And I am out again. Glad to say I have never been on the losing side till now.. so give me a chance at women's ruby... and that will be one tournament that Mumbai railways' commuters will never lose....

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