Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Internship ke kisse

So i'm at this consultancy where we are trying to figure out how best to help a container company which currently has an ICD and CFS to come up with a multimodal logistics Park and my Delhi Counterpart is on a project which involves her calling exporters and asking them how they export or import coal. today morning for some reason the alarm on my cell did not go off( I think it wasnt charged or something) But at 6:00 sharp i had this dream where I saw me sleeping and suddenly my mentor walks in and screams ICD at me... that definitely woke me up on time... But thats not where this story ends...When I narrated this to my friend, she tells me she had a dream that she had called her mentor on the phone and that woke her up... man we may not know how to tackle our projects seriously but we sure are damn serious about them...

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