Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stalker Alert!!!

Well if theres one thing my life is, its eventful. I honestly need to write a book soon. Here's the latest scoop. I have a stalker. I am not joking about this. This dude who is some 6ft odd and broad shouldered typical beefed up north indian guy, who if you didnt know better you'd mistake for Khalli's bodyguard, is always around when I dont need him. Ok he's not that bad looking but his activities are such that they negate all his good looks. He's always present wherever I am . Its hard to shake him of. If RAW needs someone he's your man.

Here's the fun part, I have never spoken to him, been introduced to him or even been part of the same team as him. SO I guess he just spotted me one day at work and since then whenever I enter office, go for lunch or leave, he's there. And he's beginning to scare me because I thought ignoring him will do the trick. He'd go away and leave me alone. But it does'nt. It's reached a stage where the moment I'm on my office lane I start praying to God that I don't see him today. Unfortunately, I always do.

So I informed all my friends and colleagues here and was advised I can get a mental harassment case launched against him. And I decided my plan of action started looking at the policies etc. But as I said my life is anything but uneventful. The day I was completely set on taking up the issue on a serious note, we had a open house and the SBU head knows the guy because apparently he's writing a book and is some kind of really smart thing. There went my plans for action. Now I cant do anything till I have concrete proof about it. The guy comes and takes a round of my seating area for no apparent reason, just walks past my cubicle in the basement and then goes straight out the door and up the stairs to his place on the ground floor or wherever and I cant do a thing. Well hope he's the intellectual types and won't harm me but just in case something goes wrong I want to leave a record with as many people as I possibly can. So people, don't let him get away with it. I dont even know the guy's full name.


Swati Handa said...

we can cure the problem of not knowing his full name just calling tommy- hutch wala tommy where u go he follows :)

horizon said...

Lol!!!! ohh noo... he's writing a book.. must be having more brains than a pug.... :P I like your suggestion though