Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There were three blasts in mumbai today between 6:30 and 7. Office hours crowded places max damage . I seriously do not know what people wanyt to achieve with this. As days go by i begin to lose faith in humanity. But I feel for my people back home. They have been beaten and battered so many times. I love them. I know they will survive this like everything else before. You realise the importance and value of your place only when your not there. Sitting in Noida I wish i was back home where I belong. And I also realise how insignificant things liek a break up are cant afford to cry over stupid people who dont value you when you have so many ones who love you back home and who are in trouble. I seriously have not experienced such a feeling of helplessness or homesickness in my life. nor have i experienced such difficulty in expressing myself. One goes in shock on getting such news. You are not only worried about the safety of your own people but also you want to reach out to the people who's relatives or near ones have been harmed and soothe them, tell them you will be fine. but can you really tell them they will be fine? or are we hypocrites in saying that. All I know for sure is Mumbai is a strong city, the people there are the most formidable I have seen in the country and they will pull through this united and well as always. they will rise again and we will see why mumbai is mumbai and no other city compares to it. though now i have a feeling i sound like one of the politicians my reason for saying this is not because I wish to throw words of inspiration at anyone but because I know what the people there are all about and and what they are capable of. I love mumbai and its people and my thoughts are totally with you at this moment. wish I was there too.

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Minal said...

I think its not the 'Spirit of Mumbai' that keeps them going, but the helplessness and the lack of options to do anything else. They don't have a choice in the morning, but to get up and go on with their usual business.
Also, its a matter of time till the casualties get closer. How long can you escape with so many multiple/serial attacks?