Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forced to turn into an Insomniac

Is'nt it funny! Just a year back I had sworn I could never be the type who would stay up late hours and sleep 4 hrs a day like all the other MBA grads. But now I find I never really had the choice. What makes me wonder is do I really want to willingly step into a world where I know that most of my time will be given to work, that i may not have the time to enjoy simple things like go for a swim or listen to music? How can I possibly be doing this voluntarily.

Or am I just not able to optimise my time even now. I know of classmates who sleep 7 hrs a day and still manage to do a darn good job of whatever they are doing.

Or am I as usual biting off more than i can chew. I hope this habit of mine does'n t take me down one day.

Well whatever it is, it needs to be sorted out fast. I think next month will be easier as we will have most of the painful things out of the way. Let's see.

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