Monday, January 9, 2012

What's in a name?

Well I was going through a friends blog actually and it revolved around a magazine run in their organsisation named horizon. And it got me thinking, whats the obsession Indians have with names? Do they really think naming something after a specific god, flower, tree, place is gonna guarantee the character/shop/book/restaurant will just automatically imbibe the qualities of that thing? I have come across so many magazines titled horizon or the indian version of it(Kshitij, which incidentally is the origin of my name too and makes me feel like Im on cloud 9) that I think its become cliche now. Where has the originality gone? Why not come up with something more in sync with your organisation or school than the normal done and expected thing. Its almost as if people are so desperate to belong and so blinded by faith and religion that they will do anything just to court success(or what they think will bring them success). Its not about the name or extending this the rings you wear but what you do and how you act because for every Sachin Tendulkar, there are a million other Sachins who are absolutely hopeless at the game and for every Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, there are a million other Mohammads who are peaceful human beings. Also note the ultimate irony, Mohammad was also the name of the prophet who gave millions of followers a new religion and belief. So whats the point, be creative, be rational thinking human beings, be DIFFERENT!!!

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