Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letting Go!!!

Its been a crazy journey at IIFT. and its almost coming to an end. The only thing remaining are exams, 2 vivas and a dissertation. And of course placements!! But this too will be over soon.. Its going to be tough to let go of everything. My first taste of living on my own and that too in a completely new city which was as different from Mumbai as it could possibly be. I have had the most amazing experience so far. Wonderful diversity of people who came from lirterally every corner of the country giving me great insights not only into their behaviours but also of me as a person. This included my adjusting and becoming a better person. I hate the fact that I will move away from a majority of these people who I have come to consider a second family away from home. Apart from that the media coordinator position was just such a blessing. I loved every moment of it whether it was interacting with the media, the PR agency or my lovely juniors. It has indeed been a great ride so far. And now once again there is some uncertainty but i am sure that things are going to end well. As I type this my best friend at IIFT sits on the bed next to mine laughing at an episode of Boston Legal. The girl's gang I was a part of is around doing their own thing. These people have been such excellent friends, support system and partners in crime, that i fail to remember when I formed so many strong bonds in such a short time in the past. It will indeed be a difficult task letting go of it all but i do hope that this is the end of only the physical proximity to each other and not the excellent relationships forged here.

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