Friday, September 18, 2009


Before I say anything let me just inform you guys that tomorrow i have my Business economics endterm... and i have been in college the whole of today attending some seminars which could have been avoided if the attendance was not compulsory(I knw thts a weird thing to say but still ... try and understand ) well i really dont have much to say apart from the fact that my college is giving us a break of only 4 days due to which i cant even go home fo rthe vacation... wat the heck.... not done.. so i will continue being homesick for a while longer... however my mom will be here soon... so yay!!!! Our seniors are done with their exams and have gone off for the port visits... plus now they will be seen relatively less in college... Must get back to studies... in the words of my mom "Ab Ghoda aur maidan nazdik hain"


Swati Handa said...

Study Hard..
and crushes are integral part of life..can't do with them nor without them :)

horizon said...

Thanks dear....