Thursday, October 30, 2008

No eyes

So I woke up today and stumbled into my washroom... I am all groggy... ek toh its 5:15 in the morning... i am so sleepy... i want to roll over and go back to sleep but ive got a good stern warning from my mom that i have to wake up.... so i happily (yeah right) wake up and my hair(its not even shoulder length btw) kind of all over as an entangled ruffled up mess.... and i push the bedsheet off me... god knows what i do in the night but every morning when i wake up the thing is wrapped around me a good 2-3 times.... then i sit still in my bed with my feet in the slippers.... and then i stumble into my washroom.... I like to look at myself in the mirror when i wake up( i like to look at myself in the mirror anytime actually but i think i look my best in the morning when i have just woken up) So i happily check my face and imagine the scare i get... there's a blank white face staring back at me... i have never seen more flesh around someone's eyes in my life... the eyes are pure slits... i check to see if i am actually awake .... i am... i cant believe it... i look again... i get up from the toilet seat and go stare at the mirror... still no eyes,.... slowly it sinks into me that my eyes have swollen up... so basically this whole description was to describe the horror of having to face the sight of swollen eyes first thing in the morning when im not even completely conscious... hehe...

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